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Company Introduction

Mingjie Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional garage equipment and car maintenance machinery supplier / manufacturer. The company was found more than ten years in servicing automobile manufacturer, car repairing shop and provide turn key project implementations. Thanks to the output of our professional team, we are not only supply quality machinery and equipment to our customer, but also the new technology of technical know how to the industry. Our aim at concerning of improving driving comfort, working efficiency and working safety of machinery operation. Based on marketing requirement and need, we developed the high-end product to services industry ahead.


Our company located south part of China (PRC) and running more than 120 employees including a team of qualified engineer, professional technicians and effective sales team. The factory operated by a Hong Kong based company who conducts an sophisticate management and rapidly market information from Hong Kong. Our company emphasizes in respecting employee's character, personal value and freedom thinking for every employee's need. Surrounding with a creation, freedom, open-minded corporate culture, the company focus the product quality and service as a key business centre, customers satisfactions and the market need as an aim, taking "concern customer, repay wealth" as principle, and under this principle the company develops many high-end products and promote the expansion product applications to our customers.


The top product of all is On-line Disc Brake Lathe CL801/802, For user required, We push the new product for multi-function disk brake-lathe simultaneously equipped with vehicle-mounted type and separated type:BL-602 and 606, Resurfacing your disk with ease and faster. For new user will be more easy.Leading international lever in the market.Also,BL-202、602 and 606 have passed the Union CE certification .It has an international level of lead in the same kind product. CL801/802 has been approved by CE quality mark of Europe. That means the product meet with the requirements about health safety and environment. In addition to Brake Lathe product, the company still develops some quick mounting adapter USM which are made to satisfy currently on the market the special need of various car types. The Brake Lathe is not only welcomed by domestic customers, but also has an increasing oversea reputation as day goes.


We sincerely hope to cooperate with you, making business with you and working with you and more…….